Julia Ritter

As kids, we all grow up trying new things. Whether it be sports, video games, art, etc. It wasn’t until I was 17 when I discovered my love for Photography. Through out my younger years, I remember always feeling frustrated that no sport or art form came easy to me. Each activity almost felt forced, rather than relaxing/enjoyable. I tried piano, drumming, painting, tennis, etc. I was determined that one day I would find my niche. During my senior year of High School, I picked up my mom’s camera and everything had come full circle. Nothing else in my life has felt so natural. I despise the thoughts of what my current life would be like with out it. It brings me so much joy and purpose.

I enjoy capturing the simple things in life. Moments or places that feel familiar and maybe even eerie. My goal in my art work is to draw genuine emotion from the viewer. As a huge fan of cinema, I try to frame my photos like movie stills. I have been told by many people that my art work makes them feel like they are standing in the photograph.

I am grateful for this opportunity to show you my art work and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Can’t Get Any Higher Than This

The photographs you are about to see were all taken in Leadville, Colorado. Leadville is the highest altitude city in all of the United States. It sits at a height of ‘10,152 feet. I spent a week in this city documenting the streets, homes and hotels. I stumbled across Leadville when driving from Denver to Aspen, back in August of 2020. I was instantly intrigued and knew I had to come back. I was confident that it had to be in the winter. The ghostly feeling of this city is difficult to describe, but I knew I could photograph.
(Photo Documentation: December, 2020)

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