Ramin Rahimian

b. 1981 Tehran, Iran

I’m a Petaluma, California-based photographer. I started on the staff of the student newspaper, The Daily Californian, at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating with a B.A. in political science and international relations, I spent two years on the staff of The Minneapolis Star Tribune. I left in 2006 to begin working as a freelancer in Utah. My wife, who is also a photographer, and I spend most of our days chasing around, feeding, and photographing my two little girls.

The Line

This is an ongoing project documenting life along the US/Canada border.

“On the American side of the border, especially in remote northern frontiers where
there’s a long traditon of individualism, there’s also a deep awareness of how precious
an individual’s personal liberty is and how one gets and keeps it. What I think
you’ll find in your North Country outposts is the very strongest sense of independ-
ence, on all levels, left in America today. At the same time, I think you’ll also dis-
cover that in many places the border has created its own zone of independence
from the rest of both Canada and the U.S.”

Chris Braithwaite, Canadian-born Vermont journalist and editor
From Howard Frank Mosher’s North County

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