Forrest Wasko

Forrest Wasko’s artistic practice centers around vernacular photography and more specifically, the photo book. They are interested in the many ways photographs can present themselves: how we read them, interact with them, and how we use them to communicate. Considering photographs as a form of language, their work investigates the different vocabularies or even colloquialisms present in historical and contemporary photography.

After graduating with a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, they have exhibited in local galleries and with local publications. However, it is through self-publishing that they most often engage the public and community with their work. Using images that Wasko creates or gathers from an archive, they create photo series that typically manifest themselves as books or zines.

till then,

“till then,” is a portfolio of images all taken during the 2020 pandemic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through interior spaces, found situations, and self-portraits, the series presents a first-person view of the new everyday: passing time in isolation. While world events unfold in the periphery, the 22 photographs depict scenes of anxiety, inaction, misfortune, beauty, and loneliness.

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