Nikki Greene

Nikki Greene is a visual artist based out of San Francisco. Her primary concentration is in traditional photography practices using analog film cameras. Her documentary and conceptual photo-based work is a response to contemporary social issues surrounding capitalism, environmentalism and moral and societal constraints. Her work often reads as playful – highlighting the eccentricities in otherwise commonplace environments. As a whole, it is subtly political and reveals a critical, yet empathetic perspective on modern society and our role as participants in it.
She has exhibited in group shows locally and internationally. In 2019 she self-published her first book Zero Days Left with corresponding solo exhibitions in San Francisco and New York City. She has participated in residencies at IDRAWALOT in Berlin (2014), WO-Manpower in Lisbon (2016), Jentel in Wyoming (2019) and KALA Art Institute in Berkeley (2019).

One Last Party

In October I began asking friends, strangers and family this question – What would you wear if you could go to one party this year? I’ve been lucky to have some brave ones open their doors and share themselves with me and my Crown Graflex during a particularly scary and isolating time.
2020 has been a collective string of uncertainty, hopefulness, missed opportunities and the constant struggle of keeping one’s spirits up. I like to think that this year has stripped away all illusions, and left us to face the intense feelings and monotonous moments which are paramount to our experience of life. Through this project I get to see people exactly where they have been spending most of their time – revealing so much to me in those spaces – and they have the opportunity to present themselves however they want to be seen.

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