Brian Kyle

Brian Kyle is a fine-art photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and educator living and working in a small town in the hills just north of San Francisco, California. Brian holds an MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University and teaches in the Visual Arts Department at Pacific Union College. He utilizes his background in graphic design, illustration, and printmaking in the creation of his photographic images. Brian employs a cinematic approach to fictional storytelling through labor-intensive construction of sets and props to create immersive narrative-rich portraits, landscapes, and still-life images. Taking advantage of the poetics and economy of visual storytelling his resulting images often depict scenes of quiet melancholy that invite inspection. Viewers are encouraged to engage in the storytelling process by the artist’s subtle incorporation of elements of significant detail throughout his carefully-constructed scenes.


On the horizon a flock of starlings undulates through
the skies before disappearing with the late sun. The
quiet is broken only by the rustle of the wind stalking
slowly through the grass, an owl stirs in the trees in the
distance and begins to hoot mournfully. I stand alone in
the crisp twilight looking up at the rising moon. It’s often
in these transitory, quiet, introspective moments where
one seems to be most honest with themselves. In this
in-between space we are truly ourselves, face to face
with the realities of our emotions, obsessions, spiritual
longing, and serene melancholy. As I stand there, my
mind wanders, and I can’t help but wonder how many
other people are standing outside at that very moment
also looking up…connected by these same skies and this
same moon.

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