Valentin Fougeray

After studying architecture, Valentin Fougeray (born in 1989 in France) first started focusing on art in 2009. He completed his education at the «Ecole des Gobelins,» from which he graduated in 2014.

Transversality is at the heart of his work, without limiting himself by one definitive field; his various influences and creative outlets build his style. Above all, questioning perception is at the core of his creations.

Using the photographic frame, he plays with the visual contingencies that he tries to transcribe. His work explores the paradoxical relationship between the two-dimensional nature of photography and its subjects: sometimes transparent, sometimes moving, or voluminous.

With a creative process based on experimentation and punctuated by the unexpected, these images divert an object from its form and offer us a different look, reading, or even another discourse.

Urbanism: Study, set of arts and techniques allowing to adapt the urban habitat to the needs of the men.

The details of urban furniture partly determine the authenticity of cities.
It becomes commonplace to forget that behind these elements are long reflections, professionals who question, study, and work to shape city spaces and modify their functions according to aesthetic, practical, and economic criteria.
All of this being governed by an omnipresent political dimension.

These developments govern the public space, coordinate the daily life and mobility of residents, and improve urban traffic. In short, they are sometimes excluding, sometimes accommodating.
This ambivalence is reflected in the architectural design of this urban furniture that my work highlights and questions, blurring the decorative and functional prisms. This project maintains the confusion between functional purpose and design of these everyday «objects.»

Contrary to the design offices that seek to melt the installations and the furniture in the city’s heart, this series leads the spectator to reconsider or consider these architectural elements architectural elements to which we pay little attention.

To view more of Valentin’s work, please view his website: here