Andres Rios

Andres Rios Fierro (b. 1995) is a self-taught photographer based between Bogota, Colombia and Brooklyn, New York. Rios started photographing in 2017 while working as a bike messenger in New York. Prior to the pandemic, all of Rios’ photos were taken on the streets of New York and Bogota. In March 2020, Rios began to photograph his family in their home as they faced a strict quarantine in Bogota due to the pandemic. He recently self-published the project titled Casa 8.

Casa 8.

Casa 8 refers to The Eighth House in astrology. It is most unique because it represents the interior – the hidden and reserved part that is in the depths of each being. The events that The Eighth House shows in people’s lives express feelings that are sometimes not sought to be analyzed but they are there in the crises, the transformations, the regeneration to have, and above all the one hidden theme that exists without fail in everyone’s life but we don’t want to confront, death. My project looks at my family’s experience inside the home as we confronted this theme of death together amidst the pandemic.

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