Stephen Goldstein

Stephen R. Goldstein (b. 1997) is a Photographer based in Arizona, USA. He graduated with a B.S. in Photography from Northern Arizona University in 2019. Stephen’s project, ‘Approaching Garland,’ was recently featured on The Heavy Collective’s “Friday Fry Up,” in April 2020. His most recent body of work, ‘Approaching Garland,’ revolves around people off the grid, living off the land. Stephen’s work revolves around rural communities across the West, documenting people and places.

Approaching Garland

‘Approaching Garland,’ is a project about small communities and people living off the land scattered around the outskirts of Flagstaff, Arizona. Abandoned homes and people settled in the mountains of Northern Arizona. The people photographed in the project, live off the grid, embracing the rural life of the southwest. The work revolves around a significant forest road in Parks, Arizona, called “Garland Prairie”.

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