Jackie Mak

Jackie Mak is an artist born and raised in Brooklyn. He explores the identity and culture behind New York natives through the medium of photography. He has been featured as an honorable mention in the Baxter St. CCNY Annual Juried Exhibition. Most recently he has exhibited in SVA Galleries Juried Exhibition. He is currently a student at the School of Visual Arts.


This project is about my home, New York City. Growing up in New York City has been a significant catalyst for my work. It’s about the experiences of growing up here and how that culture has shaped my friends and I into who we are. Through the lens of a New York native, I’m photographing my close friends to show all these aspects of a true New Yorker. Regarding my friends, we share this familial bond that is similar to a fraternal relationship. My friends are my chosen family, and my home is this city which is my biggest influence in life. There’s an ethos that New Yorkers have and a pride that we picked up from growing up here. The work as a whole focuses on my notions of home, this is an homage to the city I love and the community I’m very thankful for.

To view more of Jackie Mak’s work please visit their website.