Kyle Everett Smith

Kyle Everett Smith (b.1991) is a photographer from Leucadia, California. He is currently studying at Glendale Community College working towards a B.A. in Photography. Smith’s work focuses on mundane landscapes of modern environments. He is an avid skateboarder and outdoors enthusiast currently residing in Los Angeles, California.


Routine America

Routine America

The United States of America is a visually stunning environment. There’s wilderness, sky scrapers, historic landmarks, great plains. All of these elements are staples of our country. These attractions outshine the majority of everything else. Your local church, barbershop, the cool old car down the street. Glorifying these iconic spaces takes away from the beauty that is in every state, city, and neighborhood across the country. The spaces that I call Routine America.

In this continuing series I search for that forgotten beauty. I transcribe the routine, the in- between spaces, into something that deserves being noticed. Mundane objects and landscapes are shown in the same emotion as these other desirable environments. There is something peaceful to say about having routine. It will always be there. It is a constant that is often overlooked and underappreciated. This series is an attempt to show that importance and bring to light the charm in views that go overlooked too often.

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