Vincenzo Pagliuca

Vincenzo Pagliuca was born in Italy in 1980. His artistic intention is to express through photography the personal perception of places he finds extraordinary, especially bringing the attention to rural and suburban Italian locations. With certain places he establishes a connection over time, a long-term dialogue from which a strongly internalized vision of landscapes and architectures springs.
His work has been featured in museums and festivals across Europe. In 2020 it is published his first photobook ‘Napoli Nord • Case Rom’ by The Velvet Cell.


Solitary houses along the Italian Southern Appennine stand out against the natural environment as monoliths. They are singular and magnetic architectures, photographed in the wintertime and with particular light conditions; but not only: they are also places of dreams and meditations, which invite us to reflect on the symbolic meaning of the house for human beings.

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