Tony Wang

Tony Wang (b. 2000) is a New York City-based lens-based artist and filmmaker pursuing a Photo & Imaging BFA degree at New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Tony’s photography practice explores the beautiful intricacies of the seemingly insignificant and the body in movement. His recent works are inspired by the urban landscape and the representation of human body forms through dance. He has received international acclaim, including a bronze award from International Photography Association, and features on platforms and magazines like BOOOOOOOM and Aesthetica magazine.

Tony’s films have garnered multiple acclaims, such as being a semi-finalist in the Academy Award qualifying Flickers’ Rhode Island International film festival, BOOOOOOOM TV, and Directors Notes. His most recent film projects involve the collaboration between camera and dance to express vivid emotions and intricate human connections. Tony’s camera is like another character, interacting with his subjects from unique perspectives.

Urban Hallucination

Urban Hallucination is a visual study that sheds light on the tranquil and tender among the chaotic. By practicing close-looking under the noise and chaos of New York City, I became entranced with photographing cropped compositions to show the metropolis in introspection.

In the bustling cityscape, there is no shortage of ostentatious anecdotes, no scarcity of eclectic outbursts and flair, only a dearth of intimacy. How does the city seek respite?

Under her superfluous outfits and personalities, a trace of gentleness is present in the details. By choosing to focus my perspective, I see past New York City’s immediate luster and enter a hallucinative space made up of light and texture. In Urban Hallucination, the mirages created in collaboration between mundane objects and human subjects spark a conversation about the beauty and the ephemeral nature of urban intimacy, which is made cohesive by the syntax of light and color.

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