What We’ve Found :
Baby, I Love You

Jess Farran

Hey, We’re excited to introduce the next theme for our monthly curated web post on Aint-Bad – What We’ve Found. We’re expanding the potential to have your work recognized and admired – we’re thrilled.

So, what’s the next theme? Love, Sex, Heartbreak, whatever. 

Sigh, love. Nothin’ like it. There are endless associations with that four letter word. And sex! You know, we wouldn’t be alive without it – so why not hold a call for entries celebrating one of the most historic human practices that we still don’t fully understand. We want you to be creative. Turn us on to your ideas and make sure they go nicely with a bit of Marvin Gaye & chardonnay. We don’t just want to see naked bodies (although we wouldn’t mind a few), we want your take on what sex and love can visually signify and imply in contemporary relationships. We’re visibly excited to see your submissions. 😉

Dig through your hard drives, archives, whatever, and submit work that you feel fits within the given theme / concept. That’s all you need to do! No artist statements, no social security numbers, tax records, etc. All we want is a nice, relevant photograph or two. Oh, and your name and website. It’s that simple!

In one month, the submissions will be curated into a post with a statement and exploration of the work through the themes. Its like a little online gallery (without the wine).

We’ll let you know if you’ve made it into What We’ve Found by September 17th!