David Ewald

David Ewald is an Oregon-based photographer, designer, and professor. He found his love of photography through family as a 4th generation photographer. He has always found beauty in the mundane, starting with Wisconsin restaurants advertising ham specials alongside patriotic slogans in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. He has shot across the globe, though is stuck in perpetual loops of trying to understand and finish bodies of work. David lives with his family in Forest Grove, Oregon and is a professor at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism & Communication. He is currently working with a small group of Rohingya photographers in Bangladesh to supply equipment and bring their work to a larger audience.

I Could Build Bridges

“I Could Build Bridges” is an ongoing collection of photos from visits to Eastern Oregon. When we first moved here from the Midwest, I became fascinated with the Eastern side of the state — the mythologized Old West in many respects. These images are a personal reflection of how our adopted home can simultaneously be every bit the clichés surrounding Portland alongside the rugged Americana throughout the rest of the State.

To view more of David Ewald’s work please visit his website.