Joanna Wzorek

Joanna Wzorek is a London based photographer who simultaneously works across her motherland – Poland and the UK. She graduated from London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Photography. However, her interest in photography is beyond fashion. She tries to combine art, culture, history, politics and everyday life absurds into her practice. Wzorek claims her Polish heritage has the biggest influence on her abstract aesthetics.

Summer, farewell

The project is an homage to my motherland which has always had a big influence on my practice. No matter how hard I try to distance myself from Poland’s focused body of work it always comes back to me. With this series I tried to answer the feelings I had through out the pandemic and first lockdowns when travelling was banned. I was stuck in London and it was then when I decided to create a body of work that would be seen as a sort of post card from Poland. The selected images are both from my archive and from my 2020 summer trip to my motherland. It reflects the sense of longing to familiar landscape and wanting to connect with nature.

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