Abigail Teodori

Abby Teodori is a Filipino-Italian artist based in Chicago currently studying for her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She works primarily with photo, poetry, and illustration to create works in response to the nature of being human and the stories that shape our perceptions and decisions.

Beneath the Veil

Growing up I have constantly been immersed in fairytales; I have always been drawn to their propositions of magic and happy endings. These environments that books unlock for me have always provided me a kind of space of solace where I feel safe. However, on the other hand, this same space that provides an escape and relief has the ability to draw my attentions away from pressing issues involving my mental health. ‘Behind the Veil’ is a photobook I have been working on to use typed quotations, self-portraiture, environmental photography, and handwritten poetry in response to my restless state of my mind as I try to work through the tensions between confrontation and comfort.

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