Da’Shaunae Marisa

Da’Shaunae Marisa is a freelance documentary, editorial and commercial photographer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Da’Shaunae freelances full-time and creates public art in the Greater Cleveland area. Her weekends are spent teaching middle school & high school students digital and film photography in partnership with the Cleveland Print Room. Her documentary work can be viewed at the Cleveland Public Library’s Archive section. Da’Shaunae is also a proud vegan who lives with her cat Nora.

I spend most of my time as a photographer documenting the world around me. I am very interested in the story of each individual. My personal projects inspire the everyday person. My documentary work inspires those with curiosity, fueling the need to discover each others story. My editorial photographs inspire the girls with brown skin searching for the beauty that is within them in magazines.


The first time I witnessed a billboard of African-American women I was traveling on the 45 transit bus to college. It was a billboard with
three black women. I remember looking at it and being surprised, because I had never seen women of color presented in that
manner at that scale. The ad was very aesthetically pleasing. So, with that inspiration in mind, I tasked myself with creating a representation
of women that I would like to see if I was walking around the city—a powerful group of women who are happy, enjoying life
with healthy hair and great style, coming together and embodying sisterhood and friendship. I created this artwork for the
inspiration of all women. I am showing my reflection of beauty, and I encourage others to show their own versions as well.

The artist used William Frederick clothing for the photoshoot. Founded in 2018, William Frederick is a unisex clothing brand that
is designed, developed, and manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio.

To view more of Da’Shaunae Marisa’s work please visit their website.