Kyle Berger

Born under the glow of spinning strip mall signs lighting manufactured neighborhoods within the sprawling western prairies of Canada, Kyle has always been immersed in consumer culture. After almost completing a liberal arts degree in media theory, Berger decided that rather than study the intricacies of hot media, why not make it? After, again, almost completing a degree in fine art photography, the two lanes shook hands. Today Kyle Berger's work rides the line between documentary and travel photography while employing elements of digital collage in post production. All elements infused create a surreal, comical and allegorical slice-of-life-pizza, with extra cheese! Berger has shown work in New York, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal; and has collaborated with Vice, Stussy, New York Times, and EYTYS.

if there was money on the ground someone would have already found it

Shot (mostly) in the year 2019 in southern California, Las Vegas, and the shopping center where I went to high school. Created over nearly three weeks traveling on crowded buses, staying at body filled hostels off of Hollywood blvd, castles in Vegas, basements in Disney-world and my moms house. The work uses a blend of documentary style photography and digital collage to create a comical yet hyper-real (in regards to post-modernism) representation of the western identity, and our relationship with capitalism.

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