Janice Chung

Janice Chung is a Korean-American photographer born and raised in New York City. Through her work, Chung amplifies and deconstructs her Korean-American heritage by capturing moments that are deeply personal. In doing so, she hopes to shed light on the intricate details of immigrant and diasporic life while straddling the two places she calls home, New York and South Korea. Chung earned her B.F.A. in photography at the School of Visual Arts and has exhibited her work internationally in New York City, Boston, and Seoul.


The series titled “Motherland” is an exploration of Chung’s cultural homeland through images of places that are both familiar and unfamiliar. Being a part of a diasporic community outside of the motherland, Chung imagines what Korea would have felt like if it was her place of birth. Ordinary and sometimes unusual moments are captured in hopes of striking a connection with her mother’s hometown and her roots. Through her lens, Chung attempts to attach meaning to a place that could have been her home.

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