Susan Kaufer Carey

Susan Kaufer Carey is a Los Angeles based visual artist who uses photography and mixed media to tell stories of identity and reclamation. Whether analog or digital, nudes, conceptual, street or photo encaustics her work explores reclamation of authenticity, vulnerability, creativity and humanity. Despite our vast differences, her work reveals the common threads that unite us all.
Susan got her BA in theater at Bennington College, then worked in New York City for fashion photographer Joel Brodsky where she honed her darkroom skills printing for the book Brodsky shot of Jim Morrison and the Doors. While living and working in Rome, Italy refining her work as a street photographer she earned her Italian Press Pass, moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles and opened a portrait studio specializing in fine art nudes, album covers, pregnancy and newborn portraits.
Susan’s work has been exhibited at The dnj Gallery, The Neutra Museum, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles Photographers Association, LA Artcore, Art Share LA, Sparrow Gallery, A Smith’s Gallery, Black Box Gallery and A Photo Place Gallery. Her work is featured in the book California Love released in November 2020 and is held in private collections in the US and Rome, Italy.


ReSeeding is about finding peace in an unpeaceful time. This work is a series of self-portraits made during the 2020 Pandemic that explores self-compassion, preservation, in/sanity in an insane time and profound vulnerability. “ReSeeding” refers both to the need to recede into a space of quiet as well as planting seeds for a new life. Turning inward for a source of solace, inspiration and creation, I am reminded that just like a seed planted deep into the dark wet earth, we cannot hasten the harvest and must wait to emerge renewed.

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