Tash Damjanovic

Tash Damjanovic is a Canadian, Toronto-based fine art photographer, and has spent 25 years creating, and the last 7 years actively exhibiting her abstract, painter-like images. Her works explore vulnerability, strength, and the desire to find calm in chaos.

Her work initially focused on delicate, ephemeral and often anthropomorphic curves found in nature. More recently, she has turned to photographing curves in the human body, first working with mannequins and then with humans. This new body of work has been recognized by the 2020 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, the 2020 International Photography Awards, 2020 & 2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards. Her work has also been featured in numerous international art fairs, exhibitions and galleries.

The works have been exhibited in numerous shows and venues in Canada and the US such as The Other Art Fair Chicago, Art Expo New York, The Artist Project Canada (2018, 2019, 2020), and appear in private collections across North America, South America and Europe. Her work has been featured in a variety of print (House & Home Magazine), TV (CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CTV, Rogers TV) and other media.

She was also the Artist in Residence at the 2019 National Home Show Dream Home, and was featured in the 2020 & 2019 Princess Margaret Lottery Show home. She is a supporter of Princess Margaret Foundation to conquer cancer, the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, Art with Impact that supports mental health initiatives, and SNAP, supporting individuals with HIV.

Tash is currently working on photographing fellow creatives in the time of COVID. This project is a celebration of those for whom creativity is not just a lifestyle, but an essential tool in maintaining mental health, and even survival.

– IPA 2020 – Honourable Mention in 2 categories: Fine art minimal, Fine art portrait
– Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2020 – Honourable Mention in 6t categories:
Fine art, Figures, Portrait, Nudes, Abstract, Landscape
– Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020 – Honourable mention, Fine art nude
– Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019 – Honourable mention, Landscapes & Seascapes


Using the transformative power of light, the lens of the viewer’s imagination and their storytelling instinct, this series of images are infused with life – emotion, desire and meaning. The stories we craft are often about the layer of life that is visible, both in these figures and in our very own existence – where things may seem fragile and ephemeral. Our human stories are often centered around our own vulnerabilities, of which the human body is an intimate example.

Our individual and collective experiences often take place within the stories we tell ourselves and each other. These stories live on the edge between real & imagined, vulnerable & unbreakable.

This series of figurative work depicts lifelike mannequins, infinitely beautiful and virtually indestructible. The sensual, seemingly fragile bodies are made of a strong material which in its final form does not crack or bend under pressure. Shot in studio and outdoors over a period of two years, the figures look entirely human and during the life of the project have become increasingly abstract.

Viewing these manufactured bodies is an invitation to explore if there is a part of us that could be truly unbreakable, and could exist without sacrificing the vulnerability that is our essential and signature trait. Is it even possible to be human and also unbreakable?

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