Tash Damjanovic

Tash Damjanovic is a Canadian, Toronto-based fine art photographer, and has spent 25 years creating, and the last 7 years actively exhibiting her abstract, painter-like images. Her works explore vulnerability, strength, and the desire to find calm in chaos.
The works have been exhibited in numerous shows and venues in Canada and the US such as The Other Art Fair Chicago, Art Expo New York, The Artist Project Canada (2018, 2019, 2020), and appear in private collections across North America, South America and Europe. Her work has been featured in a variety of print (House & Home Magazine), TV (CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CTV, Rogers TV) and other media.

She was also the Artist in Residence at the 2019 National Home Show Dream Home, and was featured in the 2020 & 2019 Princess Margaret Lottery Show home. She is a supporter of Princess Margaret Foundation to conquer cancer, the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, Art with Impact that supports mental health initiatives, and SNAP, supporting individuals with HIV.
– IPA 2020 – Honourable Mention in 2 categories: Fine art minimal, Fine art portrait
– Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2020 – Honourable Mention in 6t categories:
Fine art, Figures, Portrait, Nudes, Abstract, Landscape
– Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020 – Honourable mention, Fine art nude
– Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019 – Honourable mention, Landscapes & Seascapes


“The Wind is a magical force, the Lake a magnificent stage. The buzz of a large metropolis fades away. The great effort of steering and racing is hidden in the distance. From the shore, it is one grand performance where playful, proud and graceful poses cross paths with rhythmic threads of wildlife. Welcome to the Windscapes of Toronto’s waterfront.”

The Windscapes Series is a collection of painterly photographs that capture the beauty and strength of that invisible force, the Wind. Mighty, patient and persistent, over time it can move mountains. A deep understanding of it can power incredible journeys.

The images tell a tale of two realities, coexisting in time: the world that we see and the deeper truth we know. Sailing is physically demanding as boats zig-zag through the wind, yet from the shore it looks like effortless gliding along a straight line. Crews are racing, fiercely competing with in rough weather, yet the images feel peaceful, relaxing, even meditative. All of it is taking place in a busy metropolis, but even here peace is within reach.

Exhale. Find your Calm.

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