The American South


Walker Pickering
Jeff Rich
Whitten Sabbatini
Clementine Schneidermann

8.25″x10.75″, 128 pages, Perfect Bound
Edition Size 700

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Issue No. 8 : The American South was made with the following call for entry:

The American South is both a reality and a fiction, a conceptual and a cultural entity. As such, it has been famously challenged and perpetuated through photography in the form of singular iconic images in the work of photographers like William Eggleston and in the form of the photo-essay, bridging journalism and fine art as in the work of Walker Evans and James Agee.

Issue No. 8 of Aint-Bad, a magazine founded in Savannah, Georgia, is comprised of photographs and essays or photo-essays which engage in contemporary conceptions of The American South and how it is defined and being re-defined; how it effects the rest of the U.S.; the socio-cultural impact of the region as a new reality and a new fiction.