Ben Parks

Ben Parks (b.1972) is a photographer who was born, raised and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He received a BA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Photography and Art History. His work has been published and exhibited in the United States and United Kingdom. He works abstractly on the deconstruction of traditional subjects as they are defined by natural light.

parks_ben_1_o parks_ben_4_o

This series of photographs centers on a desire to portray the archaic innocence of the instant print, and its power to convey the frailty of moments by manipulating the interplay of exaggerated natural light on a deconstructed landscape. The hope is to present a body of work that speaks to the surrealistic quality of a world which exists only for a split second just before the break of dawn, and within in the stillness of dusk.

parks_ben_3_o parks_ben_2_o parks_ben_7_o parks_ben_6_o parks_ben_5_o parks_ben_10_o parks_ben_9_o parks_ben_8_o parks_ben_12_o parks_ben_11_o parks_ben_14_o parks_ben_13_o

To view more of Ben’s work please visit his website.