Zhang Xiao, 32, was born in China’s Shandong Province. In July 2005, he graduated with a degree in Art Design from the Architecture Department at Yantai University. Xiao is now living and working as a freelance photographer in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. Xiao’s work was featured in issue N.2: A Symptom of Being. His work focuses on the changes occurring along rural coastal areas of China due to the development of Mega Cities. Today Xiao shares his most recent publication titled THEY, featuring works from that series.

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Zhang Xiao artist statement : THEY

This is not a real world, though I like them. In a moment, they surpass themselves in reality just like sleepwalking. I seldom talked to them when I shot them, or only made eye contacts with them. Most of the time, I pressed the shutter quickly, with the dazzling flash shooting at right angles. When they awoke and stared at me, I already left in a hurry, because I didn’t dare to look into their eyes. I escaped, just like escaping from myself in the mirror.

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Clothbound Hardcover
Limited edition of 500
Designed by Design by Yuan Di & Zhang
Published by Jiazazhi Press in Beijing, China
December 2012. Purchase Details below.

Statement by publisher : Yuan Di
Most of the works in this book are taken in Chongqing, the most paradoxical city in China. It is “they” who helped Zhang Xiao win the Three Shadow Award in 2010. Afterwards, he started to shoot Coastline. Therefore, this publication is meaningful to everyone who likes Zhang Xiao’s works, as well as himself and me. For details of how to obtain a copy please contact Jiazazhi Press via there website.

To view more of Zhang Xiao’s work visit his website.