Ákos Major

Ákos Major (b. 1974, Hungary) graduated in 2001 from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest, Hungary with a degree of Visual Communications. Ákos makes photographs on 120 and 4×5″ negatives. Today we share his series “Leisure Project.”

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Leisure Project

Landscapes of summer holidays, Wadden Sea, Germany 2012/2014

Sankt Peter-Ording’s beach − approximately 12 kilometers long and up to one kilometre wide,
characterized by dunes and salt meadows − is the largest mainland beach of the Wadden Sea region.
The extensive sandy beach attracts almost a million holidaymakers a year. During shooting the temperature varied between 13 and 27 degrees Celsius. An insight into the German summer, with a touch of romanticism.

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To view more of Ákos’ work please visit his website.