Lark Foord

Lark Foord is a self taught photographer based in Venice, CA. As a child he spent a lot of time outdoors or just drawing. Lark dabbled in just about every media except photography, until he met his future wife who was a lab monitor at the local college dark room, which is when his interest was spurred and he began hanging out after hours.  Upon graduation his wife started a photo business, which gave Lark continued access to equipment. Lark switched from film to digital and then back again to film, and somewhere along the way he had stopped drawing all together. His wife started pushing him to post his photographic work online last year. When he did it opened doors for him, and he was able to connect with a group of great local photographers in LA. Lark’s work has been shown widely through independently published books and group shows as well as many online outlets for emerging artists like Booooooom, It’s Nice That, The Photographic Dictionary, SEISMES, The Heavy Collective and Another Place. Today we look at his series Plain Sight.

Plain Sight

Plain Sight is an ongoing series I’ve been working on during the middle daylight hours under the harsh California sun. On the surface it’s a simple study in found abstractions, ordinary objects and the spaces in between spaces. The underlying theme is an expression of a pervasive otherness.


To view more of Lark’s work please visit his website.