Santiago Sanchez

Santiago Sanchez was raised in Colombia and Miami, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He received a BA in Anthropology from Yale University, where he also studied photography and creative writing. He has shown in Bridgeport and New Haven, as well as in several Yale and online publications. His work centers on representing and manipulating the experiences of queerness and dislocation through storytelling.

Autobiography of Boy

This is Boy’s story. Its characters include a single mother, a best friend, and several lovers. These are my parts, Boy thought, standing in front of the mirror. He touched where his lips should be, but saw and felt his mother’s cheek instead. He was tired of this. He couldn’t see himself. He was an absence, or a collection–of all things, what an odd thing to be. At times, Boy stood outside a window, waiting for the light to touch an arm, a soft belly. Most of the time, he stood in the dark, or light–he couldn’t tell the two apart–waiting, observing. Boy spent his time like this, studying other people’s lives. How did people have them and why? Boy watched closely, preparing for the day when he’d have his own. He often forgot he was already living.

Santiago’s website is currently under construction, but keep an eye out for him!