Jacob Haupt

Jacob Haupt (b. 1989, Modesto, California) is an artist working with photography, video, and sculpture. His work employs pop culture as both metaphor and mirror for addressing the tragedy of becoming an adult. After completing the book Infinity Gate with Noah Jackson in 2015, he recently released a photobook of his own, Gloom. Airlock Gallery (CA) hosted his first solo show Beyond the Super Rainbow in 2015, and he has continued to exhibit nationally, internationally, online, and in print. His work has been featured by Self Publish Be Happy, Der Greif, Don/Dean, and Ordinary Magazine.



Gloom addresses the difficulty in telling someone that you are having a hard time, or that you are sad. These conversations usually require someone to present their situation in a comical manner so that they can disarm the overwhelming task of saying, “I am sad.” Ideal male stereotypes have been presented to me via the super-hero cartoons I grew up watching. By making photographs, I am reconciling these stereotypes with my own identity. The work is a Frankenstein of nostalgic memories, stitched to the tragedy of becoming an adult. My obsession with fantasy doesn’t necessarily equate to a lack of interest in reality, but it does cultivate a unique loneliness.

To view more of Jacob’s work please visit his website.