Lindley Warren

Lindley Warren is a photographer currently residing in Iowa City, IA where she is pursuing her BFA in Photography at the University of Iowa. She is the founder and editor of various publications including The Ones We Love and The Photographic Dictionary. Warren has curated international exhibitions and self-published books and magazines. She is a contributing editor of Rubber Factory Posters and most recently released The Reservoir, a collective editorial project with Romke Hoogwaerts (Mossless) and Jack Harries (The Heavy Collective).

The Meadows

The Meadows is an ongoing series I began in the summer of 2015 as a means to process my childhood, reconnect with my family, and gain a deeper understanding of my place in the world as an artist and academic who was raised in a low-income household dominated by addiction, violence, and betrayal.

To view more of Lindley’s work, please visit her website.