Malcolm Easton

California-based artist Malcolm Easton is a collector and tinkerer. His still life photographs center on the artifacts encountered in daily life. His work has won several awards, including Best of Show-Gold from the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (2017). In 2016 he shared a two-person show at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento, California. In 2018 he was a featured artist at Walker Fine Art’s UNCANNY exhibit. Easton’s prints have been shown at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, New York’s Seligmann Center, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Triton Museum of Art, Rourke Museum of Art, and numerous other venues. His work is represented by Walker Fine Arts, Denver, Colorado.

Keepsakes of Strangers

I celebrate commonplace objects that are often overlooked. After leaving behind many small things that I once cared about, I now collect objects that figured in the lives of others. Culled from estate sales and second-hand stores, these things carry marks of longtime use–scratches, residue, grime. I don’t know the history of these objects, so I create imaginary moments. I try to suggest a variety of experiences by use of juxtapositions, some whimsical and some mysterious. A single image may evoke overlaid memories of childhood and adulthood.

My light source is transitory. Reflecting window light onto my subjects from a handheld mirror, and triggering the camera by voice command, I capture an image that is unrepeatable. My prosaic objects are transformed, existing briefly in a world of their own.

To view more of Malcolm’s work please visit his website.