Tachpasit Kunaporn

Tachpasit Kunaporn was born 1987 in Thailand. He graduated from International Center of Photography in 2017 and attended the Magnum workshop that was held by Antoine D’Agata. Right now, he is living in New York and has been working for an artist since his graduation. His projects deal with thematics of depression, death, and urbanization. Tachpasit started to explore sadness through the photographic medium, with particular attention to the imagination travelling between two worlds and questioning life after death.

Neon Diary

This series is about the metaphoric route between my journey and the death of my grandmother. Neon light, according to our eyes, is light perceived to be very still and quiet, but when considered carefully, its constancy is uncertain and we see it flickering. Compared to the countless circle of life, this is a journey that disciplines myself to remember the death in our body and mind.

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