Balazs Csizik

Balázs obtained his degree in Visual Communication (Budapest University of Technology and Economics).
Creating visual identities is a complex design process for him: he is always planning and executing creative concepts.
He is influenced by modern architecture, brutalism, and nature. He is always searching for the connections between urban and natural landscapes- especially those in Hungary.

In his series, he wanted to combine the visual languages of graphic design and photography. It is a study of the meeting points of constructivist and suprematist art. He found that these art compositions are reconstructable in a two dimensional graphic form.


“Deconstruction” is a series that rebuilds my subjective vision and reality. This way, my architectural vision engages a new aesthetic with the occupation of space. “Deconstruction” is a way to reach a new balance; it is a way to reach aesthetic construction.

To view more of Balazs Csizik’s work please visit his website.