Briana Leigh Noonan

Briana Noonan is located in Phoenix, AZ and graduated with a BFA in Photography from ASU in May 2013. Her work is primarily based within her relationship ties and her own personal self-reflection. This includes exploring her own depression, anxiety, chronic invisible illness, and queerness. She has a queer politics identity. This grows from a place of wanting people to see each other as individual humans and practice a politics of kindness. Briana is one of the four co-founders of Femme Fotale, a photographic book/zine to empower women and push them to the forefront of the photographic world. She is also currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Pedagogy at ASU.


Being a part of a queer relationship is unique because it allows us to challenge everything about family we were once taught and told to value. Instead, we get to make up our own rules and our own family. It’s like for the first time we can do whatever just truly feels right. Maybe that has nothing to do with a queer relationship but has everything to do with being with someone who values you to your core existence. Not just the idea of who they want you to be. The images I have started to make of my partner, myself and our community are a collaborative process of learning and growth. The photographs help us work through the trauma of the pre-conceived ideas of what family should be or of what we should be. The process is ever changing as we continue to challenge the truth and limitations of photography. My queer family may be the most beautiful community I have ever had the joy of helping build.

The images are split into three sections determined by the way they were created. The photographs created through different avenues all create a unique feeling still speaking to one another about the intricacies and details that inform our daily family life.

To view more of Briana Leigh Noonan’s work please visit her website.