Wang Yishu

Wang Yishu, born in Gansu Province. His hometown is Jinzhou, Liaoning Province. Now he lives and works in ZhejianHg & Shanghai. His works have been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, South Korea, Turkey and Canada.


Yishu once worked as one of the top photojournalists in Chinese media. This allowed him to travel across China, from metropolitan cities to remote villages, capturing images along the way. While the media’s focus was on pursuing clear stories with affecting narratives and striking effects, Yishu’s interest lay in exploring ordinary situations and how they conveyed the complexities of human existence. Fleeting moments are stilled in Yishu’s photographs; they do not show clear intention or meaning, but they are evanescent, exquisite, and, as the artist describes, “solid as a standing steel plate.” In his photographs, Yishu makes a thing become “the thing,” or another thing. His photographs depict his subjects with ambiguous purpose that reflects the intricacies of both their exterior and interior worlds.

To view more of Wang Yishu’s work please visit his website or instagram.