What We’ve Found: Dog Days

Hello! Hi! It’s a new month, almost a new moon (whatever that means to you) and time for the next theme for our monthly curated web post on Aint–Bad – What We’ve Found. We’re ready to challenge you, provide the opportunity for our readers to see your creativity and promote the diversity of your work.

So, what’s the next theme? DOG DAYS.

Ciara Duffy: Down, Down, Baby

We’re reaching the tipping point of summer, short tempers, and unbearable heat. It’s too much to think and we’re fast digressing into the libidinal, chaotic perversion that is the uninhibited human animal. We want to see the aggressive animals that we are.

Long days and longer nights, stupid sunburns, serious droughts and summer storms bring out the wildness in us. Look inwards, project outwards and go native in the wild or stalk the hot pavements of your cities to find inspiration. The dead of the summer isn’t time for love, it’s all about escaping reality through the days and nights of drinking to obscenity and enacting our deepest darkest desires before we approach the strange sobering reality that will be this dry September.

We want to see you broaching the realms of the seductive and the sinister.

Open to the interpretation of your beautiful and twisted minds.

Think the manipulative, culminating chaos of the summer heat arousing in Great Gatsby, Bonjour Tristesse, Il Sorpasso, La Dolce Vita, Lord of the Flies, or the ever epic Suddenly, Last Summer by Tennessee Williams. We want a visual ride into the deep dark worlds of your work like a Tom Waits song or the haunting pages of a Bukowski poem.

Show us humanity, post-humanity, in the dead heat of this long summer, with their hot tempers and not so sweet, salacious intimacy. Be literal, clinical, political, mythical, emotional or celestial…it’s your practice we just want your finest from the archives or new “phantasies” and submit work that you feel challenges us.

Think conceptually, take risks, feel feelings and show us something that disturbs the natural order of things. No fancy write ups or descriptions, we want images that stand for themselves. You can submit one our a few but be sensible and follow the image formatting guidelines so we can actually post them and do send us your website and name, otherwise, you will be excluded and feel sad.  

In a month, we’ll curate something nice ‘n deep and explore your works through the theme.

We’ll let you know if you’ve made it into What We’ve Found by August 28th.

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