Marco Pietracupa

Marco Pietracupa, was born in Brixen (Sudtirol-Italy) and moved to Milan at the beginning of the nineties to turn his passion into a profession. After having attended the Italian Institute of Photography he started to publish his works in the arts, as well as fashion and portraiture. His style is anarchic and libidinal, with prominent use of flash, Marco interrogates our instincts in his alternate realities. The result is a sophisticated and poetic body of work that transcends his imagination into a dark and sexualized visual fantasy.

Marco has published works in various publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, L’Uomo, Vice, Vogue, L’Officiel, and Rolling Stone to name a few. His work has boasted international exhibitions, most notably in Milan, New York, and Paris.


The night is stealthy and slips out of the cages of the possible. This series captures a bestiary of fascinating and wild creatures that seem unbridles by the force of gravity, eluding excitement and a mortuary thrill, both magical and restless. In this trance-like journey, Pietracupa couples images of desire with more somber scenarios, hinting at actions and reactions, losses and discoveries. This is a parallel and distorted dimension of reality, offering fleeting moments and flashes in the pan, before disappearing into the darkness.

Pietracupa’s sedimentary and nocturnal atmospheres transfigure the scene, breaking down the unitary nature and creating the illusion of being faced not with an image, but rather a collage digital transformation as a bi-product of our elations. However, Pietracupa does not intervene to manipulate his shots, the archive is transparent: a collection of traces, prints, and evocations.

Text adapted from the foreward by Sara Dolfi Agostini. 

Shapeshifter is produced by Marsèll, in collaboration with Virginia Devoto, published by Yardpress and designed by Dallas. The book is available for purchase here.

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