Gabrielle Hall-Lomax

Gabrielle Hall-Lomax is a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. She is a graduate from RMIT University where she studied Fine Art Photography. Hall-Lomax is interested in the visual process and how it can be manipulated by the camera. Through the abstraction of the commonplace within our everyday environment, her work explores the pursuit of balance and serenity. Creating photographs that blur the line between the familiar and the strange, she gives new meaning to the typically mundane. Her work has been recognized in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Hall-Lomax recently spent time in Finland developing her practice as part of the Back to Basics intensive residency program.

The Space In Between

This project stems from a month-long residency in the countryside of Finland and without access to the internet. Removed from the usual distractions, I developed a deep connection with the spaces around me and the ability to appreciate subtle changes in my environment. Drawing on this experience, the series aims to explore the process of visual perception by slowing down or attenuating that process. The Space in Between consists of abstracted moments – found or constructed – from nature and everyday life. I am interested in exploring the idea of a liminal space with the photographic medium as an access point to this space. A place that floats between abstraction and reality, of both the perceived and imagined.

I am intuitively drawn to the commonplace within our everyday environment, and seeing how it can transform in various settings. I utilize the camera as a tool to simplify – rather than dramatize – and to reveal the beauty in the everyday. With this body of work I investigate how banality and simplicity enables us to become highly sensitive to the act of seeing. Subtle shifts in movement have the potential to produce palpable emotional responses. The Space in Between presents a dialogue on “seeing”, on our personal perception of the world, and the role the camera has to play in how we interpret what we are looking at.

To view more of Gabrielle Hall-Lomax’s work please visit her website.