What the f**k are we doing?

So what the fuck are we doing you ask? Well, without unpacking the centuries of colonization and methodological manipulations that got us here…the best I can gather is that we’re human and have become oversaturated, overwhelmed and confused with the calamity of our own existence. We’re faced with the no longer emergent but present realities of climate change, globalized oligarchy, mega-industry, monoculture, fear, and turpitude. We are trained like straw dogs to sit idly by and feel it’s too big of a pill to swallow, so we swallow pills to be closer to some sort of transcendence, which in reality, is a glimpse of the absence of thought and not too far from waking life. Somehow it seems thought is what plagues us and perpetuates a stable controllable workforce, inaction, escapism and designed as disposable.

It is the thoughts of humankind that shaped this world and it is these thoughts that will reshape it as we evolve. There is no real escape, no matter what you choose to believe, we are all present in this moment in time, and it will never be like it was before. Nothing is ever as it was before, it is entropic but also cyclical. Lessons have been learned, coded, and decoded to manage new forms of social movement, controls, and placebos. Giving rise to new fascist endeavors as well as new thought. The right will rise again, as it always has and then the left and again and again. However, in this moment, we are privy to more knowledge than those that came before us. None of these problems are unconnected but what are we doing? We are clouding our judgment to avoid the inevitable.


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