David Quesada Acedo

David Quesada Acedo is a graphic designer and photographer from Terrassa, Barcelona born in 1992. After spending a few years as a branding strategist and brand designer, he found photography as his refuge for self-expression and to help others do so. Influenced by classical arts, he especially looks for inspiration in Dutch still-life and Italian Renaissance paintings. His work focuses on blurring the lines between portrait, fashion, and fine-art. Seeking for new inspiration, David started a journey across the world, photographing and stopping in Nepal, Thailand, and India. Presently, he is traveling across Europe, from Italy (Bergamo, Pavia, Genova, and Florence) to Ukraine, exploring the life and the art of the East and West old world.


Saudade started a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer. I was at home and had made some lemonade with mint and the sky was so pink and I became overcome with sadness. I looked at the phone and there were no messages. Some Bosanova began to play on the radio as if to give presence to the void, I got up from the chair, took off my clothes and rushed into the water on my back. It hurt so much that I repeated it again and again, like cutting a knife into caramel.

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