Carlotta Guerra

Carlotta Guerra was born in Italy and currently shares her time between Bologna and Los Angeles. She holds a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Bologna. She graduated from FOTOfactory Amsterdam in 2018. Guerra worked for more than 10 years in the contemporary art world as gallery assistant, assistant curator, assistant director and event organizer for a contemporary art museum in Bologna. After some years, she started feeling misplaced and unsatisfied about the course of her life. In 2013, while feeling insecure about the future, she decided to radically change her scene. She quit her job and moved to Amsterdam, where she began to pursue photography.

Her artwork revolves around her personal life, intimate questions, fears, and desires. She is visually and conceptually fascinated by ordinary things: their power, delicacy, playfulness and allegorical mysteries. Her projects have appeared in European and American publications. She has exhibited in private and public institutions in Europe and California. Guerra was selected as New Dutch Photography Talent of 2019 by New Photo/GUP Magazine. Most recently, she was nominated by FRESH EYES as one of the best photography talents in Europe.

Never say never

‘Never say never’ is a photographic series from 2015 when, while overwhelmed by panic attacks and anxiety, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean as a passenger on board of a container ship. The trip took six days from Antwerp/Belgium to Newark/USA and then continued on to Los Angeles by car. At that time I could not travel on a plane, but I wanted and I needed to put my foot down against my fear. So I travelled far from home and, maybe, from myself. ‘Never say never’ is a documentation of a physical and mental exploration that presents photography as a means of self discovery and self awareness.

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