Elinleticia Högabo

Elinleticia is originally from Columbia but was adopted to Sweden as a child. She has had a hearing impairment since birth and was deaf for ten years, but now hears again with the help of an implanted hearing aid. The camera became her shield and safety against the outside world. It was her language, with which she developed to her unique perspective and characters.

As a child, she almost drowned a couple of times, and her underwater photos have become a way to challenge the lasting fear, which can be said of most of the topics she chooses to photograph.


The surface of the seawater deforms the image in a way you can’t predict. What you see is a reality from another perspective and that gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you know is below, and what you now see. It can be beautiful, it can be horrifying. Or just different.

To view more of Elinleticia Högabo’s work please visit her website.