Nick Gervin

Nicholas Gervin is a documentary and fine art photographer from Portland, Maine. Nick first picked up a camera in 1992, at the age of eleven, when he began exploring his urban surroundings, documenting graffiti art and the skateboarding subcultures with disposable cameras. He has battled alcoholism as well as several head traumas in his lifetime, currently nine years sober and dealing with Post-Concussion Syndrome, he channels the difficult subject matter of his past into his photography. He has exhibited and published work throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He also self-published his first book in 2017, The Lines Don’t Lie.

Portland Street Photography

Nick’s project depicts the streets of Portland, Maine. This has been an ongoing project of seven years and his comfort with his subject matter is evident in his style of working with his subjects. In his photographs, he takes an authoritative position as the viewer but not from a place of judgment, as almost a familiar companion to the circumstances.

To view more of Nick’s work, please check out his website.