Hagit Dror

Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1976, Hagit Dror began using a camera and darkroom at an early age. She continued as a military photographer for the IDF where she was trained in the highest technical standards of photography. In 1996 she moved to NYC to pursue photography professionally and continued her studies independently through the New School. Working with many photographers to support herself in NY broadened her photographic knowledge and deeply refined her skill. In 2004 she helped launch a creative photography studio that caters to the advertising industry where she is still a thriving partner. She has more than 20 years of experience in darkroom, film, and digital and currently prints all of her silver gelatin work she exhibits.
During her career, she has had three solo exhibitions and multiple group shows. In 2018 she received the NJ State Council of the Art Fellowship Award.


In this series, I wanted to convey a sense that the physical world – both natural and manmade – is fragile and transient. These are everyday buildings or landscapes where I look through the camera and I’m able to separate and remove the subject out of its context. I search for vulnerability or fragility. The subjects become a delicate outline similar to an architectural drawing and they lose their physical sense. Their mass or weight has disappeared in the photograph. It’s this idea that nothing is permanent and I’m compelled to face the real conditions of their environment and our relationship with it and with ourselves.

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