Drew Sangria

Drew Sangria (b.1982) is an American artist originating from the west coast. He studied visual arts and music at California State University, Sacramento, and is currently interested in exploring the medium of photography as an art form. Through photographic wanderings, Sangria seeks moments of revelation and later strives to identify relationships between the dissimilar events he photographs. His goal is to create loose narratives through photographing a mix of landscapes, portraits, and objects. He currently lives in Sacramento, CA where he works on both commercial and personal projects.


This project is a documentation of the random people, places, and things I have found interesting while exploring my hometown of Sacramento, CA by car and on foot. Some themes explored through this series include class, masculinity, beauty, loss, despair, and contradiction. Through ambiguous and often times ominous imagery, I strive to create a fictional dystopian world open to interpretation. My interest in this project is not to objectively portray any sort of truth through photography but to subjectively create a body of work according to my own vision of the world around me.

To view more of Drew Sangria’s work please visit his website.