Judith Sayrach

Judith Sayrach is a graphic designer and photographer from Barcelona with an interest in everything related to artistic creation. Her style would be described as almost minimalist with solitary spaces and with a certain dreamy air and emphasis on color and light.  Her greatest inspiration is when she is found out alone in nature: She has a love for seascapes, trees, sunsets, and the magical colors of sunsets, flocks of birds… they are among her favorite landscapes to photography. Her minimalist vision is a result of her graphic design studies, she has learned to look at things in more detail and to observe what surrounds her in a different way, creating a language more and more of her own that she feels very comfortable with and can identify with. Doubtlessly, she believes that everything or almost everything can be learned, educating the look to an artistic style that reduces to a minimum its forms of expression.

Dreamy landscapes

Series from my vision of nature: seascapes, mountains, sunset moments, sky birds…

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