What We’ve Found: Heartwarming Moments of 2020

I follow a lot of “feel-y” accounts on social media (@the_skindeep + @werenotreallystrangers), always looking for heartwarming content to cope through the mess of our current reality. Last year was debilitating for all of us in some way, and many of us carried ourselves through the year in survival mode. 

There have been a few moments, however, in which many of us broke through the numbness and felt something deeply. Perhaps it was the birth of your child (or family member), a wedding between two of your favorite people, falling in love, losing a loved one, creating something amazing, or any moment that caused you to deeply access your emotions.

For January’s What We’ve Found, we want to see photo submissions that capture the depth of “feeling,” with a short description of what prompted it. (If you captured a beautiful, sentimental, or emotional moment of someone else’s experience, we want to see that, too!) 

Even though 2020 was dark and cruel to so many of us, we’ll remember that at least we felt something. 

We will be accepting all mediums of art (1-3 pieces each), and our deadline is on Wednesday, January 27. Can’t wait to see what you send our way! 

Photo by: Alfie White | @alfiewphoto
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