Cassian Gray

Cassian Gray is a third-year Photography BA (Hons) student from Kingston School of Art in the UK. His practice utilizes the analog medium for a slower, more considered approach, shooting predominantly on medium format film. With a childhood revolving around music, Cassian was accepted for a full music scholarship to one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK, playing clarinet, piano, and singing in front of thousands on a regular basis. This intensity put him off music to some extent, yet this is where his love for the photographic medium flourished, transferring his musical background onto the performative connection of the subject-photographer interaction.

Having recently interned abroad in Spain and Dubai, Cassian discovered a keen interest in the appreciation of individuals that would otherwise pass unnoticed: workers, cleaners, and the unseen. This intrigue has developed and resulted in his most recent project, The Posties, in which Cassian documents the members of an iconic, yet ironically invisible workforce. Through this, he brings an important recognition onto their professions as the postal service of the UK and celebrates their individualities in an intimate, comfortable manner. He hopes to utilize the medium as a means for raising awareness; storytelling through the camera as a tool for visual communication.

The Posties

Covid-19 has brought to light many occupations that were previously overlooked, key workers and essential staff gave the important spotlight that they’ve long deserved. In the United Kingdom, Posties have been roaming the streets, on foot, for the past 500 years. Today, they deliver around 15 billion items yearly. Through this essential service, they keep the country connected in an intimate web of interaction. While there has been a sharp decrease in letter volumes due to the ease of email and mobile communication, parcel volumes are up more than ever, loading their shoulders with even more weight. Their red uniform is iconic and recognizable; millions of postal workers taking to the streets each morning, yet their presence and work is often overlooked and unappreciated. They are ironically invisible and this series hopes to shine an important spotlight on appreciation for their persistence and perseverance throughout these uncertain times. This photo series acts as a celebration of the invisible individuals who team together, through rain or shine, to provide an efficient, effective tomorrow.

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