Nithya Guthikonda

Nithya is a photographer from Atlanta, Georgia, and currently studies at The Westminster Schools. She is particularly interested in conveying narrative through photography and creative writing. Nithya focuses on portrait and landscape photography and writing memoirs and poetry. She has been taking pictures for 10 years with her Nikon D700. Her works have been recognized by the Scholastics Arts and Writing Awards and the ITSLIQUID GROUP.

Summer Quarantine

This project conveys the raw emotions rooted within the very word “quarantine”. Quarantine in a period of isolation. It is the boxing-in of ourselves, and in turn, our identity and desires and goals. Through this memoir of photographs, I convey the festering within each of us as we continue to live through this time. Our inherent emotions and mental states take hold as we experience the world, maybe at its best and worst.

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