Troy Bloom

I am an interdisciplinary artist and currently residing in San Diego, CA. While I enjoy different avenues of creative expression photography has within the last three years slowly bubbled forward as my primary mode. Through photography, I want to investigate the medium’s relation to space, time, and consciousness. Being a solely visual medium I believe photography is the closest we can get to deciphering how to interact with symbols in dreams. Like our psyche, photography flows between conscious and unconscious realms. I believe it also has incredible potential to teach us about each other and ourselves. I am currently working on several projects at various states of completion revolving around these ideas.

Pinch Me

This selection of images is presented in a story-type format. There is a flow from the sky to the city to the mind of a man. The man is drowsy, waking from the dream. I’ve strived to select photos that have a certain archetypal quality. These are things you might see in a dream. A finished plate of food. A horizonless seascape. A faceless dog reliving itself. I want the photos to speak to each other in their changing content and similar tone. I’m striving for warmth here, keeping the colors bright and inviting. By arranging the photos in this way my primary goal is to invite the viewer to assign their own meaning to this ‘dream’.

To view more of Troy’s work please visit their website.